An eCommerce solution is a piece (or several pieces) of software that allows you to sell products online.

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eCommerce Solution:-

An eCommerce solution is a piece (or several pieces) of software that allows you to sell products online. 

Behind this deceptively simple definition lies a complex and involved world of platforms, packages, stacks, and kits. We’ll get into the details of this later on, but for now, it’s helpful to think of online retailing as having two main parts: 

  • The part that the customer sees – Your site, mobile app, etc. This is sometimes referred to as your storefront or the frontend.
  • The behind-the-scenes plumbing that makes your site function (the payment processing, catalog record keeping, etc. Often this is called the backend).


An eCommerce solution is the totality of these behind-the-scenes, backend processes.

The products and services that can help ecommerce businesses bloom and successfully conduct business across the web are often referred to as ecommerce solutions. It includes website builder tools, web development software, online website development platforms, mobile app builders, as well as ecommerce platforms.

It also includes e-commerce based services like domain and hosting service, professional product photography, cataloging, accountancy and taxation, payment gateway integration, partnering with the shipping service providers, technical assistance, customer support, and so on.

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